Beeswax Candles with Molds

After harvesting the honey place wax into a tin, we used a coffee tin,

and the tin within a pot with water and melt wax on stove. The Wax might need to be sieved through and it is best to have a large fine sieve for this.

We bought two rubber candle molds and wicks sizes to match. One mold had three small spots for what we used then for Christmas tree candles and a larger one with a winter scene on it.

The size of the wick varies depending on the diameter of the candle. The wicks also have a direction top and bottom which is important to know when placing and fastening them into the mold. We used paper clips as holders for the small candles.

After experimenting a bit we developed a chopstick rubber band construction to hold the wick in place for the large mold.

The molds then need to be closed with rubber bands.

The beeswax melts at a little above 60°C but do not heat it above 85 °C otherwise it will start to change colour.

After trying to pour it through a funnel into the three candle mold, we settled on learning to aim better and pouring it directly.

Leave the candles cool for an hour.
Merry Christmas